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Navigate - Licensing & Compliance

Navigate is our enterprise on-premise Licensing & Compliance system designed to increase productivity of regulators and industry who process large volumes of transactions, improving productivity while maintaining data integrity, securely with a risk-based approach.

Our solutions are purpose built to meet the legislative objectives of any sized organisation while minimising costs of staying current as legislation changes. Our product is built with high integrity data security and is highly functional and flexible, with configurable processes and functions. Managers can easily manage and track upcoming tasks in a timely manner through interactive reporting and KPI dashboards.

Our Licensing & Compliance software (Navigate) will soon transform into SaaS solutions, evolving from our traditional on-premise solution.

Navigate is being re-architected and designed with the end-user in mind. We design for mobile first in our development as well as designing for re-use of core capabilities, thus making it easy to adapt our set of functionalities and to further enhance capabilities with configuration options.

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Field Services Mobile App

Secure & Protected


Mobile Inspections are designed to put critical information in the hands of mobile workers, for example, enabling service managers and dispatchers to track work orders in real time, improving administrative to mobile officer / technician communication, streamlining processes and boosting productivity.

Inspections need to go beyond forms and checklists and provide a complete end-to-end solution that is flexible, easy to use and configure. Investigations / Inspections, Complaints and more. Designed with field service technicians in mind, with an intuitive interface, consistent access, and targeted workflows regardless of internet connectivity.

Empower your field workers to successfully complete work orders, present service reports for customer signature, provide pricing of labour, parts and products in the field and much more.

A dashboard overview allows field workers to see views of their work for the day (or other periods that can bet selected), their upcoming schedule (which can go directly to their calendar), a graphical overview of open active work orders / service requests and a view by priority. Locations and directions open up for navigating to the work scheduled for the day with optimised route tracking for efficiency.

We can easily add the ability to integrate with your back-end / core systems through RESTful webservices. 

Core Features:
• Task Scheduling
• Manage Inspections & integrate work orders
• Easy-to-use configurable Inspections Checklists
• Inspections History / Audit Trail
• Configurable Alerts
• Directional Guidance with Optimised Routes
• Link inspections to relevant associated activities
• Upload any media required to be attached to the work performed
• Electronic Signatures for signing-off work undertaken in the field
• Internal sign-off and approvals through workflows
• Manage & Monitor service expectations against SLA’s, KPI's standards, regulatory compliance
• Visual analytics, dashboards and reports
• Provides the ability to add additional information during an inspection
• Evaluate and consolidate inspection results
• Inherent online/offline capabilities
• Secure and encrypted
• Smartphone capabilities, such as voice-to-text, camera for uploading pictures/videos, and more! 

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Online and Mobile Design & Development Services

We offer full spectrum mobile app development services combined with our deep sector experience enhancing the solutions we offer. We do not limit our services to just Mobile Apps Development and testing, but actively work with our customers as a Mobile Strategy Consultant right from the product conceptualisation and prototyping stage to final launch and even beyond that.

We have adopted a mobility and user first development approach and have diverse experience in the type of mobile solutions we have developed across both public and private sectors.

We have partnered with usability experts to ensure our applications and projects design is relevant, modern, easy to navigate and use – built with end-users in mind for an enhanced user experience, based on user journeys.

Lighthouse have been successful in several responsive, adaptive interactive and innovative mobile applications, all delivered through Agile methodologies and have transferred ideas into reality for numerous public and private sector agencies.

We excel at creating top-tier applications for the world’s most popular mobile platforms. Our project work has been varied and has focused of late primarily on adaptive mobile applications to suit our customers’ business needs.

The project work is all performed in an Agile manner and as these are solutions to business problems, we have repeat business from customers using our mobile apps as they progress towards solving more and more business problems while providing more and more incremental value. 

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SaaS Based Products - Coming Soon

Onshore Australian-based SaaS with major hosting providers ensures protection and security

We are expanding our SaaS product suite to include:         Enterprise Asset Manager
 Enterprise Performance Manager

Navigate's equivalents - with added functionality will be re-imagined as:
   Licence Manager
   Compliance Manager

There are many Shared Components that are inherent core capabilities - either within or shared across most of our SaaS based products.

Enterprise Asset Manager

Asset management is the process of organising, planning, designing, and controlling the acquisition, care, refurbishment, and disposal of assets to support the delivery of services. It is a systematic, structured process covering the lifecycle of physical assets. Asset Manager lets you keep a constant watch on your asset condition and performance, evaluate data to find key trends and anomalies, forecast performance concerns, and make decisions that drive action from any device, anywhere.

Configure the solution to fit your business processes and needs without any costly source code modifications that prevents you upgrading your solution in the future. The Software as a Service (SaaS) offering adds speed to your project and results in a faster ROI.

The need for effective utilisation of assets, controlling maintenance and procurement expenses, and to improve the return on assets, are the major factors contributing to the growth of the enterprise asset management market, globally. Asset management optimisation should be a continuous exploration of technology that adds business value.

The objective of Asset Manager is to optimise the service delivery potential of assets and to minimise related risks and costs while ensuring the positive enhancement of natural and social capital over an asset’s life cycle. Good governance and the intelligent deployment of business systems, processes and human resources are key aspects complementing these activities.

Assets are expensive to acquire, create, operate, protect and maintain. Assets are at the heart of the success of asset intensive organisations. Asset Manager and its practices enable you to respond quickly to volatile markets, increasingly scarce resources and technological changes. Increased up-time, output and asset reliability are non-negotiables today. Asset Manager provides effective asset planning, scheduling, maintenance, operation, performance monitoring, acquisition & disposal, funding of assets and accounting for and disclosing of assets,

Core Features and Areas included are:
• Hierarchical Asset Register
• Whole of Life Tracking
• Full Asset Accounting (including Asset Valuation, Depreciation and more)
• Maintenance Management
• Asset Inspections (including mobile capabilities)
• Work Orders & Service Requests
• Asset Performance Management & Monitoring
• Risk Management
• GIS / Spatially Aware
• Portfolio & Project Tracking & Scheduling
• Capital Works Management
• Facilities Management
• Inventory & Supply Chain Management
• Fleet & Fuel Management
• Contract Management
• ISO 55000 Compliant
• BI, Analytics & Reporting
• Includes AI & Cognitive Services
• Support for IoT Devices and IoT Asset Inspections 

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Enterprise Performance Manager

The ability to access measures and results ‘anywhere, anytime, any device’. Performance Measures are one of the key elements of Enterprise Performance Manager.

Enterprise Performance Manager is primarily designed to provide the ability to measure and track an organisations performance. The primary goals are to enable timely, accurate and efficient management of Key Performance Indicators and results at every level of an organisation.

Performance measures are metrics that indicate whether a process, service, activity, or other business element is operating within acceptable business, social, government, legislative, regulatory or safety tolerances.

The system provides a mechanism to analyse, report and publish the measures and results with full traceability and visibility from compulsory measures through to an employee's personal targets and objectives.

Strategic Plans
Strategic plans are designed to work with any organisation or agency as a source of information which is key for the performance management.

Strategic Plans, their objectives, and goals as well as actions plans can be added to the system and utilised as a point of progression along the process flow. Vision and Mission Statement can also be included as a single point of reference for all strategy and strategy-related information.

To manage performance fully and holistically, tying in performance measures to how they relate to plans, whether these are strategic or tactical offers a view of how an organisation or agency is progressing towards these. Any initiatives can be added with their plans and what the expected results are.

KPIs are added, along with any hierarchy for flexibility. The business direction typically utilises many attributes that are able to be stored in the system, such as strategic plans, purpose, vision, objectives, budget allocations as well as operational plans.

Performance Lifecycle
Full lifecycle management is inherent across all key areas

Project & Portfolio Management
Managing portfolios and projects is often crucial to organisations as these projects are often instigated as a result of a strategic or tactical plan where goals are to be achieved through the delivery of a portfolio of work. Portfolio management is designed to capture a hierarchical structure of projects as they inter-relate to strategic and tactical plans and service areas. This is designed to be a high-level view of the key areas relating to projects as they tie into the performance management system overall.

Performance Measures
Performance Measures are one of the key elements of the Enterprise Performance Management System. Performance measures are metrics that indicate whether a process, service, activity or other business element is operating within acceptable business, social, government, legislative, regulatory or safety tolerances. 

Performance Results
Performance results are captured and linked to many areas of the system, whether to plans or services, budgeting, etc. Performance measure results, captured against each measure, have the ability for criteria to be applied as well as rules and any other programming logic required. Tolerance and variances as well as corrective actions can be captured and applied based upon whether the tolerances have not been met. Timeframes such as the 6 and 12 monthly accumulation of data and whether lags in data have occurred that are considered outside of the tolerable boundaries and can be alerted/notified as well as reported on. This ties into the KPI reporting functionality and can be reflected in the balanced scorecard and other reports.

Link Measures to Corporate Risks
A measure may be generated from a risk as a way of monitoring, mitigating likelihood or in some cases eliminating a risk. A measure is able to relate to zero, one or multiple corporate risks. The system is capable of capturing risks and associate these to a measure. Measures can relate to a number of risks; however, all measures relate back to performance of a service and are based on goals and objectives/outcomes to ensure inter-relationships are mapped.

Capture Costs of a Measure
The cost of the measure is a combination of time and materials required to define, monitor, collect, analyse and produce reports for a measure. These costs are captured for every measure and able to be updated across each reporting period and reporting year.

Performance Reports
Performance Reports are the output produced for results. The results are subject to a review and approval process before being available for viewing. Each report captures the actual result, commentary on the result, additional analysis and additional information required to support the measured result. If a result is below the acceptable tolerance of the assessment range,  a corrective action may be required to mitigate ongoing issues.

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License Manager

Our new Licensing product is designed to cover a full range of occupational and operational licensing regimes enabling regulators and licensing bodies to productively manage the entire application and renewal process, review eligibility and approval of licences for an individual or organisation.

From a user’s perspective, the process of applying for or modifying a licence is easy to follow and understand. For users waiting to see if their application has been successful, we  offer a view of the status in a process flow including typical timings for their applications. Users have the ability to easily upload documents / files necessary during their application.

Manages the licence throughout its lifecycle including scheduled checks, recording of audit results and corrective actions, renewals, sanctions and orders, and feedback to the user on the status as an application moves through its process flow. During this time, file notes and multimedia attachments can be added or viewed using a licensee’s contact history. In cases where sanctions are applied, the system allows alerts to be visible during future assessments for the same applicant.

Speed up registration and licensing renewals with complete visibility of a customers’ details, history, related activities, and related parties from a single screen. There is no need to switch screens; all the information needed is displayed on a single user-friendly interface, to help make informed decisions quickly and easily.

Each licence or permit types has a profile that enables unique criteria for a licence type to be processed. Users of the system can easily alter licence and/or permit requirements where there is ongoing legislation, regulation or business practice changes.  Where applicable, licence transfers are easily managed. All conditions are included with intelligent checking against these conditions. The system can also generate electronically sealed licence certificates that can be printed and/or emailed to the Licensee.

The system also records complaints against licensees including those made via the phone. A knowledge base of information is built up regarding a licensee or trading premises. The system also includes a full investigation shared component which records inspections, evidence and outcome of an investigation. In addition, should the outcome be a prosecution then details of the prosecution including breach, fine and enforcement activities (including suspension and revoking the licence) can also be recorded.

Licence Manager is designed to interact and interoperate with Compliance Manager areas where synergy is needed across the core product components.

Licence Manager caters for:
• Licences and Application Processing lifecycle
• Risk Management
• Licence Transfers
• Fees Management & Receipting
• Conditions that can be added to Licences
• Investigations
• Document Management
• BI, Analytics and Reporting 

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Compliance Manager

Compliance Manager is designed to help manage every stage of safety and compliance processes from monitoring, screening, intelligence collation, complaint, incident recording and management through to the inspection, investigation, and sanction.

Comprehensive rules and checklists help users follow standardised processes to ensure compliance activities are consistent with regulatory policy and standards. Every module in is carefully designed, so you can target high-risk customers and maximise resources effectively.

Compliance Manager records and tracks investigative activities while automating the investigation report. Evidence analytical tools provide an effective platform upon which administrative decision makers can select the most appropriate and defensible action in response to the nature and seriousness of any emergency, incident, or breach.

Compliance Manager automates the evidence gathering process so that investigator statements, investigation reports and evidence matrices are automatically built as the investigation progresses. This increases the response time of investigations and allows investigators and managers the opportunity to make an informed decision at any point during the investigation to proceed, take action, or even withdraw complaints.

From a compliance and regulatory viewpoint, complaints, inquiries (investigations, inspections, and audits) as well as offences and actions are able to be recorded and tracked.

Regulatory inspections or audits, like investigations, are an evidence-based activities. These types of inspections and audits can be used to prove compliance, or detect non-compliance to statutory instruments such as licenses, permits or other authorities under which a regulated entity might be operating as one example.

Compliance Manager provides a strategic platform upon which the emergency, incident or regulatory activities associated with inspections are planned, undertaken and reported on.

Our components allow the sharing of intelligence gathered for entities and events through a common repository. Detailed and searchable intelligence on entities (persons, organisations, locations, vehicles, vessels, etc.) that are associated with other entities or events (such as ownership, meetings, sightings, inspections etc.) are made available in a form suitable for investigations and decision making.

Core Areas included:
• Legislations and Regulations
• Management of Compliance Activities
• Emergency & Incident Management
• Fatigue Management
• Case Management
• Enforcements & Punitive Actions
• Investigations
• Audits & Inspections
• Safe Work & Compliance
• Resource Management
• Payments & Receipting
• Document Management
• BI, Analytics & Reporting

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Shared Components Across SaaS

The shared SaaS based components are designed and developed to function with and across most of the new core SaaS product range, per application, per application component and between applications and components. The shared components are all integral parts of the whole and are designed to work with the applicable products, independently and together so that changes can be made without any ramifications or tight coupling in our design.

Some of the flexible and configurable shared components are:
• Integration with Office 365
• BPNM 2.0 compliant Business Processes
• Visual workflows
• Risk Management
• Fees Management & Receipting (across Licensing & Compliance)
• GIS / Spatial plus incorporation of Google Maps & Azure Maps
• Document Management
• BI / Analytics & Reporting with multiple visualisation options
• AI & Cognitive Services
• Electronic Signatures
• Import / Export
• File Uploads
• Alerts
• IoT 

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SaaS Core Capabilities

There are many core capabilities that are inherently designed and available  in our SaaS based products - to name a few:
•  Security
•  Audit Trails / Logging
•  Identity Management
 • Role Based Access Control, including an easy-to-use organisation hierarchy structure

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