If you’re looking for Digital Transformation Services, Project Work or more – we’re here to help!

We define and execute practical journeys that balance critical success factors. Then we scale up with proven processes that drive exponential value. From idea to maintenance stage, we will have right people on the right task, to help you achieve your goals.

Lighthouse begins each of its engagements by investing time in understanding  goals, success metrics and scope. We work with your leadership team and stakeholders to define which tactical and strategic objectives are priorities, what will drive business value and how we will define a successful outcome.

We understand the need to rationalise and ‘right size’ requirements capture and solution design engagements. Time, resource availability and budget are always considerations. In each of our engagements we endeavour to design the implementation process that best suits and supports each customer.

We listen to you, and then work with you to define a lean approach that will result in clear statements of need and actionable designs to move ahead. Working with Lighthouse is a partnership, and we are always working towards the most mutually beneficial approach. 

Architecture & Design Services

With digital transformation and an almost seemingly never-ending stream of technology changes, it's hard to envisage how this may affect and be useful to your business landscape. 

IT Architecture Design is one of the important aspects of Designing any system. The purpose of IT architecture is to build a solid foundation on which new applications, services or updates can be built – similar to building a solid foundation for a new building.

The work of architectural design is to assess and reconcile many types of needs, some of which may be in conflict with one other. Our design and architecture services provide a basis for the analysis of the required behaviour before the system has been built. It allows the team to verify that the system will fulfill all the stakeholders’ needs. Also, it provides a basis for re-use of elements and decisions.

Our Enterprise Architects can bridge the gap between IT changes and business needs across all domains starting with analysis of the current state, then planning areas of transformation and change with complete understanding of the impact of that change collaboratively.

We provide you with an architectural blueprint designed to optimise and streamline your business operations. 

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Business & Technical Analysis Services

Our Business Analysts are professionals with the business and technical experience you need to create your specifications, use cases, change management plans, and clear functional requirements.

Our technical analysts have a strong grasp of IT industry trends and their applicability to business processes with effective leadership and team interaction skills working collaboratively with you.

We can help you transform the way your organisation turns knowledge into action by working with you to:
• Provide a Business Requirements service for your project to clarify the complex relationships between information, people, resources and technology.
• Evaluate and create a roadmap identifying “quick wins” and longer-term improvements to increase organisational maturity
• Help to integrate Agile techniques. 

Business Process Re-Design

We examine the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, aligning them to your strategy, determining what's really critical and what provides value, to achieve specific goals such as increased return on investment, service improvements, or cost reduction.

Business process redesign is distinguished from other forms of change by being a radical intervention, and a lean approach that is designed to alter the way that a company sees its strategic and competitive landscape.

Each step and activity of a process is analysed, measured, modelled and improved to ensure it is adding value to either your company or your clients. 

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Solution Design & Development

Software solutions, just like buildings, require professional design before coding and implementation, even in an Agile world. Our Solution Architects are not only skilled in product solutions but have an expert understanding of Cloud Services and many other areas. Lighthouse understands that customers need flexible and adaptable  systems and services that allow them to take comfort when their domain can be pro-actively monitored by our monitoring tools, managed by a quality support team.

At Lighthouse our technical consultants not only understand technology, but we also understand business and business process. We help gather and articulate the business requirements behind any technology project and communicate and agree those requirements with stakeholders.

Because of our impartiality from your business stakeholders and our experience in formulating business requirements for a wide range of customers (and business problems), you can be assured that the defined requirements will be complete, accurate and as free from political influence as possible.

We successfully deliver solutions of any complexity that require outstanding knowledge of many technologies, as well as expertise in cloud-native app development, and more.

We offer a full development cycle for:
• Mobile Application Development
• Web Application Development
• PoC & MVP Development to test your concepts
• Cloud Enablement and Cloud Native Development
• Online & Mobile Forms Development

Mobile App Development
We offer native and cross-platform mobile application development to provide businesses with effective means to reach their customers anywhere they go. Full life-cycle management for iOS- and Android-based applications from prototyping to deployment and testing.

Web Applications
We build accessible, responsive, and secure web applications with scalable features. Our skilled web application developers can guide you through the digital journey and build web applications tailored to your needs and expectations.

By using the latest technologies, we put functionality, performance, security, design and usability at the heart of your enterprise development. We offer custom web application development services to solve your unique business challenges.

We develop business-driven, user-focused and innovative web apps tailored to your needs that are accessible, responsive, and secure  with scalable features.

Our web application development has several objectives. It helps to shorten cycles of deploying of the product and reaches a significant amount of users on many different devices.

We help companies to validate whether the chosen solution serves their core business needs. To get early feedback from end users and prove feasibility, we offer a quick proof of concept (PoC) and a minimum viable product (MVP) creation to grow your ideas into a successful business realisation.

Cloud Enablement and Cloud Native
We help customers transform into a digital-first organisation with our end-to-end capabilities. Whether it's a legacy system upgrade or custom software development, we help to revitalise systems or modernise your systems and capture the uniqueness of your business in a fully supported custom software application.

Online & Mobile Forms
We can digitally transform and manage the data to give you a better online and interactive experience for your users, whether your forms are complex or simple. 

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Mobile Application Development Services

We offer full spectrum mobile app development services combines with our deep market sector experience working with many customers in public and private sectors.

Lighthouse have been successful in several responsive, adaptive interactive and innovative mobile applications, all delivered through Agile methodologies that have transferred ideas into reality for a number of public sector agencies and private organisations. We excel at creating top-tier applications for the world’s most popular mobile platforms.

We do not limit our services to just Mobile Apps Development, and Testing, but actively work for you as a Mobile Strategy Consultant right from the product conceptualisation and prototyping stage to final launch and even beyond that. 

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Training & Mentoring Services

Taught by seasoned professionals who are active in the industry, Lighthouse training is designed to help you discover, apply, and master the current software practices, frameworks, platforms, principles, technologies, techniques, and tools of professional software development.

Our practical hands-on approach provides a deep understanding of how to build, deploy, secure and scale software applications and intelligent forms in a hands-on environment.

• Understand and learn to apply the principles and practices of software development
• Learn best practices from design patterns to software architectures and frameworks
• Learn to leverage emerging technologies and disciplines in software development
• Develop working software through class lab exercises
• Ask questions in a safe, supportive environment 

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Support Services

We are committed to delivering enterprise-class support with a single objective in mind: your success. Support is offered as part of any solution developed by Lighthouse.

Our SaaS support is offered around the clock to ensure you have access from your web browser anywhere the internet is available. And, as the platform handles software deployment and platform upgrades, this allows you to focus on running your business. 

We offer support packs that can be used at our Customers discretion and to suit their operational needs.

Lighthouse operates a service desk to provide support to customers for logging, managing, resolving and reporting on any support issues logged. The service desk provides a single point of contact for our customers, eliminating the need to remember multiple points of contact.

Incident Determination and Problem Solving - Incidents that are not immediately resolved by the service desk will be prioritised based on the impact to our customers business processes and the maximum downtime per failure/incident. SLA’s are available, based on the solution in place and appropriate to managing risk and criticality. Lighthouse will ensure that our support services response times and resolution times are mutually agreed upon.

Service Desk Responsibilities

Lighthouse follows ITIL 3 based processes and procedures for our support services. It is the responsibility of our service desk to:
• Register all incoming calls (incidents)
• Triage incidents and issues based on priorities
• Agree with our customers the incident categorisation
• Resolve all operations related incidents within  scope
• Perform incident control of all reported calls/incidents
• Monitor progress against target resolution times
• Notify customers and ensure they remain informed on progress
• Generate incident management reports
• Initiate crisis management, escalations and contingencies

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