Queensland Health

Lighthouse have been working with Queensland Health since 2014 for their Regulatory Licensing and Compliance needs for their Public Health Unit, Health Protection Branch.

Queensland Health use Navigate for:
• Supporting multiple business areas, processes and responsibilities
• Managing licence assessment and approval processes from application lodgement through to a decision
• Supporting regulatory compliance functions including complaints, investigations and enforcement actions, reducing risks
•Asset Management capabilities
• Business processes underpinned by continuous improvement cycles
• Reporting improvements
•Increased productivity and business processes improvements
• Performance measurement tracking
• Increased ability to respond to critical incidents
• Increased ability to meet legislative responsibilities and duty of care
• Secure, scalable, sustainable and aligned with Queensland Health’s IT Architecture

Digital Transformation
Online Licences & Permits using the Form.io platform Online Public Register for Radiation Safety

Brisbane City Council

Lighthouse has been working with Brisbane City Council for approx. 16 years.

Council use the Regulatory Licensing and Compliance system with the inclusion of Development Applications (DA). The DART system (Development and Regulatory Tracking) provides a rich set of functionality which enables it to handle simple licensing requirements (e.g. “dog licensing”) through to complex, project based approvals such as property development assessments which most often remain active in the Council system for many years through application, assessment approval and compliance processes.

DART remains the largest corporate system within Council, servicing the most number of users across all operational divisions with 1,600 internal users plus a large public user base via links from Council’s public portal and interacts with a number of their other corporate systems.

Throughout its extended life, DART has continued to support a multitude of Council business processes and proven itself to be inherently flexible and configurable to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving regulatory environment.

Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development

Lighthouse have been working with DPIRD since 2012, specifically for Fisheries for their Regulatory Licensing and Compliance needs.

DPIRD uses our Navigate product as a corporate wide Licensing and Entitlement/ Quota Solution to support the management of entitlements across the State’s recreational and commercial fisheries.

After the successful implementation of Navigate, online self-service capabilities were introduced for licence holders to submit new licence applications and renew applications.

Benefits for DPIRD include:
• Caters for both the needs of the existing legislation while being  flexible enough to be easily transition to proposed legislation should it come into effect.
• Support for online self-service transactions
• Accommodates potential future growth in users, systems, data and functionality.
• Built on enterprise grade, commercially available technology

Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries

Lighthouse have been working with DLGSC since 2012, for their Regulatory Licensing and Compliance needs with custom modules for their 'Returns' including specific customisation and configurations to suit their business model.

Navigate provides full lifecycle management of all the department’s licensing and compliance needs from initial application and assessment, through to approvals, renewals, complaints, investigations, compliance actions and management of associated assets.

Online capabilities are provided to support the submission of licence applications, renewals, returns and various compliance activities.

The online portal also allows licence holders to:
• Lodge a variety of gaming and liquor returns
• Pay fees for bonds, penalties and infringements
• Lodge and view complaints and objections 

Motor Accident Insurance Commission

The Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) and Lighthouse have collaboratively worked together to create an easy-to-use, secure, and comprehensive online Claims lodgement process for Users Lawyers and Insurers.

The aim of the project is to provide an improved user experience for (Compulsory Third-Party (CTP) Notice of Accident Clams processing throughout its lifecycle.

This project has been created using the Online Forms Platform, Form.io, for creating and processing the form and for the users' dashboards.

Department of Housing & Public works

DH&PW in collaboration with Lighthouse have developed a number of online forms utilising the Form.io platform.

COVID-19 was a driving impetus for the following forms to be quickly put into place for:
• Rental Tenancies Dispute Resolution Request
• COVID-19 Rental Conciliation Eligibility Tool
• QLD Border Declaration Pass

There will be an ongoing digital transformation for DH&PW for many of their forms to come across their portfolio. This is being done through Shared Services Queensland (SSQ).

 Lighthouse work in partnership with Shared Services Queensland (SSQ) to deliver interactive forms for many QLD Government agencies. This includes design & development, installation and configuration and training services.

Hutchinson Builders

The mobile app built by Lighthouse is a custom designed solution designed to solve specific business problems. As such the processes and workflows created and used in the app are new and have provided Hutchinson’s with proven business value.

They have been using the Scaffolding Operations Application (both web and mobile). Additional functionality has been added for the yard staff processing the packs providing the ability to view the truck images on the pack-processing page.

Hutchinson’s manual processes were inefficient and prone with errors taking close to a week per location (there are 5 locations). With the app this has been reduced to a few hours per month per technician.